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Manitoba First Nations have historically practiced responsible and sustainable land management. In the modern era, the practices have evolved to include urban reserves.

Benefits Of Joining Manitoba USKE

Since land management is such a vital issue for all First Nations, there are many benefits of joining Manitoba USKE. 

Capacity Building – The most important benefit is that USKE helps its member First Nations build their capacity and knowledge in land management issues. This is a crucial step towards any successful and sustainable economic development. 

Training and Professional Development – Through its membership in NALMA, USKE members enjoy access to various training and capacity building programs for First Nation Land Managers. 

Technical Expertise – USKE is here to support its members with additional technical expertise in land management. This includes helping First Nations who require day to day assistance in land management issues. Through NALMA, USKE members enjoy access to an impressive range of resources. 

Referrals – USKE and NALMA can help members seeking additional assistance by referring them to individual First Nation Land Managers, government or professional agencies. 

Networking – USKE and NALMA also offer a channel for networking with land managers and First Nations across the country. This helps improve communications which leads to sharing of ideas and establishing partnerships and strategic alliances

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We welcome all Manitoba First Nations as members. To join, please download our Registration Form and Band Council Resolution template below.

For more questions, please contact us today.