Manitoba USKE Land Managers Association INC. (“USKE”) received $75,000.0 to carry out a series of meetings with First Nations throughout Manitoba to discuss the United Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (“UNDRIP”).


As a First Nation organization that is 100% indigenous managed, we work directly with over 41 communities. USKE is a non-for-profit and provides technical support and capacity building in Land Management and has been in existence since 2004.

Chief and Council assigning an individual to represent the community. As everything and anything that happens in the Indigenous Peoples ancestral territories, and by its very nature is land related, USKE’s Members-at-Large felt it was prudent that USKE participate in the UNDRIP project. One of the most arduous tasks facing First Nations that participate at USKE, is the relationship with the Province of Manitoba.

As one of the Regions, that is directly impacted by the Natural Resource Transfer Act (“NRTA”), this transfer of jurisdiction is seen by many First Nations as illegal and goes directly against the Inherent Rights and the Treaties that were signed with the Crown. Many First Nations state, “Our Inherent Rights to the lands supersede any agreements, and our existence outdates the signing of Treaties”. The Doctrine of Discovery is
not recognized, and constantly places onus on the First Nations.

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