USKE is one of a network of Regional Land Associations working in
concert with the National Aboriginal Land Managers Association

Manitoba USKE Partnerships

Urban reserve award in Thompson, Manitoba

Manitoba USKE is one of the first Regional Land Associations created in Canada. Today, USKE is one of a network of Regional Land Associations across the country.

  • Atlantic Region Aboriginal Lands Association (ARALA)
  • British Columbia Aboriginal Land Managers (BCALM)
  • First Nation Lands Managers Association for Quebec and Labrador (FNLMAQL)
  • Ontario Aboriginal Lands Association (OALA)
  • Planning and Land Administrators of Nunavut (PLAN)
  • Saskatchewan Aboriginal Land Technicians (SALT)
  • Treaty and Aboriginal Land Stewards of Alberta (TALSAA)
  • National Aboriginal Land Managers Association (NALMA)


The National Aboriginal Land Managers Association’s mission is to actively network towards the enhancement of professional development and technical expertise in the functions of Lands Management. It is also dedicated to incorporating First Nations values and beliefs in Lands Management, always keeping in mind the grass-root practices when dealing with Lands Management. 

NALMA is focused on raising professional standards of Lands Management, with an emphasis on three areas:

  1. Technical Support to First Nations, individual Land Managers and government agencies
  2. Networking and Communications to facilitate knowledge sharing and to establish partnerships and strategic alliances across Canada
  3. Professional Development to provide training and build capacity as well as opportunities for First Nations Lands Managers. 
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12th National Lands Managers Gathering

Reconciliation through the lens of Land Management

September 26th – 28th, 2023

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