USKE Hosting Fireside Chats With Manitoba First Nations

USKE Hosting Fireside Chats With Manitoba First Nations

Manitoba Uske is proud to present free webinars starting in December and continuing in 2022 for Manitoba First Nations to learn more about land management.

These ‘Fireside Chats’ are the first in a series that Manitoba Uske plans to run, so check back here for more information. 

What Are Land Managers? 

What is land management and what do land managers do? Who are we? In this fireside chat, Manitoba Uske will review some of the basics about land management as well as the roles and responsibilities of land managers. We’ll also discuss why First Nations need to build their capacity in this area to better determine their futures. 

Land Regimes – What Are They?

It’s vital for First Nations to understand Land Regimes. In this fireside chat, we’ll explain what Land Regimes are and where your First Nation falls. This includes First Nations who work within: 

  1. The Indian Act 
  2. RLEMP /Reserve Lands Environment Management Program
  3. FNLMA – First Nation Land Management Agreement
  4. Self-Government – Bands under their own SA Agreement /Land Management

When: December 14, 2021, 12:00-12:30

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